Slow Pitch Softball Bat Regulations

If you are an avid softball player, you know that a slowpitch softball bat has many differences. Softball associations have determined that some bats provide an unfair advantage to the game and have developed rules and regulations to control their use. Modern manufacturers continue to produce illegal softball, and most sporting goods chains don t ‘issue refunds on certain items of play equipment, so before making a purchase, you should familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations.

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Composition Bat

Slow pitch softball can be composed of an aluminum alloy, titanium, fiberglass, graphite, or other materials. Cheap bats are usually made of more inexpensive materials and can more easily nicking after repeated use. The regulations require closed on all sticks slow pace, regardless of the material it is made a barrel. Players can also use wooden bats, which may be of a single solid piece of wood or sections which are secured together with an adhesive.

Size and weight

According to the United States Specialty Sports Association Slow 2010 Official Rule Book and National Statutes Paso, the bat should be no more than 34 inches. The barrel of the bat can not exceed 2 1/4 inches in diameter. Weight softball bat slow pitch must be equal to or less than 31 1/2 oz. If there are any additions at bat, including handshakes or other items, they should be included in the official weight measurement. If the suspect umpires that a bat is found in violation, it may order the load to be measured.

Seals of Approval

Used during slow-paced games by teams that belong to the League of Amateur Softball Association or the National Collegiate Athletic Association should have a seal of approval ASA at bat. At the beginning of each game, the referee will check each bit to make sure it is approved for use. If a label is not present, the judge will not allow any player to use the bat during the game.

In Hand Grips

Handshakes help the batter to retain his grip on the bat during its heyday. Include hand grips Regulation applied to a bat-shaped spiral and dispossession leather or rubber containing an adhesive tape. No tags are allowed in the grips to unless a permanent element in the material of the handles. The grip must be at least 10 inches long and can not exceed 15 centimeters.

How to Buy a Bat Slow Pitch Softball

So you’re the assistant coach softball slow pitch of his church, and the coach has asked him to pick up some softball bats. There are several things to consider before buying a lot of bats for the team. Here’s how to buy the right clubs for your computer slow pitch softball for you and the kids can hit one out of the park, or at least second base.

  1. Take inventory of what you have before buying. See what your church already has in the way of softball, that way you are not duplicating any purchase. Of course, if all you have is deformed, wooden softball bats, will have to throw those and get some new ones.
  2. Do a quick search on the shopping sites like slow pitch softball for. This several brands and styles open to considering. For example, Mark Easton CNT comes in Flex, extended and Power Plus.
  3. Set a budget that wants to stay quiet for a bit. Your shopping search should give you a good idea of what a typical slow pitch softball bat you, which is about 2 to 4 hundred dollars each should run.
  4. Select a few team members to choose to go with weight, style, and brand of softball bats slow pitch after reducing your options with your online shopping search. Take a trip to the local sporting goods store and pick up some sticks. Softball bats are one of those things that have to be tested before buying them, and the players know that bats are the best.
  5. Bring your short list back to the Internet for price comparison. To get the best price, go back to your site with your short list of branding options. As companies face increased competition online, most offer the lowest price there. There are some exceptions, however, so make sure you have the price of the sporting goods store available.


Health Benefits From Playing Golf

Health Benefits From Playing Golf

Contributed by Brian Jame in

If you play golf, do you see that your health is improved? If you do not play golf, you should think about it because golf can help improve our health just as much as other types of sports. So I will tell you about the health benefits of playing golf. Sometimes when you feel that playing golf is a little bit boring, you need something to keep up with your passion. Reading this article will make you feel that playing golf can help you much more that you often think it can. It is not just a sport you play to kill time or to foster relationships with your business partner to achieve a big contract. It is a true sport. Understanding the advantages of playing golf can help you enjoy the game better.

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Let’s get started with the first health benefit of playing golf. If you have never player golf and just stand out looking at people playing golf, you may not believe that playing golf can help us burn a lot of calories. The golf area often covers about 200 acres, which means you will have chance to walk a lot. It is estimated that golfers walks an average distance of six to eight kilometers. Walking that much is enough to help you burn up to more than 1000 calories. Unbelievable? Burning 1000 calories in just a single game? Yeah, it is unbelievable but you should believe it because it is the truth. You can have a great body if you make friends with this wonderful sport. Oh you may not agree with me because you see a lot of old men who play golf have pot-belly. I do not know but if they do not play golf, they can even have a much bigger belly.

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That is the first health benefit of playing golf. Now we will go on to the second benefit. Playing golf can help keep our heart rate up. By playing golf, your heart can have some good exercise. All the walking, swinging and carrying that you do on the golf course have the benefit of increasing your heart rate. That is why playing golf can reduce the risk of heart disease and get rid of bad cholesterol. Your heart will work much better and the blood flow will be increased.

The third benefit of playing golf and also the last I want to share with you today is that playing golf is really good for your brain. This benefit is related to the second benefit. Thanks to the increase of your heart rate, you brain will be supplied with blood more effectively. This can keep your brain active and you can think better and make right decision.

Those are the three benefits of playing golf. Of course there are a lot more benefits brought to you by playing golf. You can discover it by yourself or wait for my next article.

All The Golf Course On A Clock! Do You Know The New Watch Garmin Approach S5 and S6?

All The Golf Course On A Clock! Do You Know The New Watch Garmin Approach S5 and S6?

These days Golf enthusiasts and fans of the Garmin teams are celebrating the arrival of a new watch, the Approach S5, S6 which come with a full-color touch screen distances, distribution and exact forms of an entire hole. All the information you need to make a difference in the wrist.

Garmin Approach S5

Garmin Approach S5
Garmin Approach S5

This advanced functionality to display the field is called CourseView. But it is only one of the revolutions of the Approach watches golf.

In a thin and light clock, perfect to wear every day, there are more than 39,000 courses worldwide, preloaded and available without subscribing or install anything. Also, all updates of the fields can be downloaded free, with no time limit.

Put on Approach S5 and improve your handicap

Its functions are ideal for carrying your handicap to the next level:

  • With the ‘Green View’ you have the real picture of the field in which you’re playing.
  • The touch screen is not only full color but also readable in any light condition and usable with gloves.
  • You can perform manual flag location anywhere on the field
  • Ready for use in competition, and which dispenses training functions

Critical information, also present

There are details that can never be lacking in golf equipment. Therefore the clock Approach S5 also includes the distance at the beginning, middle and end of the greens. It measures the distance covered in each stroke and includes an odometer that allows the player to control the total distance walks during the tour.

Comprehensive monitoring of your progress

Through a digital scorecard, you can count your back and download, save or print all your scorecards. So you can know at what point you are and trace your next targets.

And there’s more: alert notifications!

As if that were not enough, and extending the maximum use of the new team Garmin, Approach S5 allows you to open your emails, text messages and receive “smart notifications” from your smartphone! And if active Garmin Connect, enjoy a community passionate about golf where data sharing after the game, download routes, compared with previous ones, etc.

Garmin Approach S6: A Best Golf Watch For Golfers

Garmin Approach S6

Garmin continues to be linked to different sports or improve disciplines, therefore, has created the evolution of your watch golf already described in Vitónica previously called Garmin Approach S6, it is a best golf gps for golfers with more features and better features.

The new watch designed specifically for golfers has a GPS integrated system that provides access to more than 30,000 fields displayed in color on the touch screen. And it is capable of measuring the distance from our location to the point that we point out the clock in just a moment.

Also, a significant innovation of this new gadget Garmin is its ability to assess the movement of the swing , measuring the strength and speed or time swing, evaluating from power until the relationship between the rise and fall during this proper motion golf.

As if that were not enough, the Garmin Approach S6 provides audible tones golfers to achieve this ideal swing and also provides them with information about the fields showing from the obstacles present in it until the curves and water spaces.

Also, it assists golfers in blind shots, where we would not know where to direct the shot, but the new clock provides an arrow indicating exactly where the punch line.

Its battery has a range of 10 hours using GPS or 20 weeks in watch mode, and if you have an iPhone 4S or higher, you can forget mobile while playing because your wrist can receive call notifications, to text messages or emails. It is expected to be soon also compatible with Android to take advantage of this feature.

You can also save data from all games and analyze, compare and display statistics synchronizing the clock with Garmin Connect.

One last feature no less than new Garmin watch for golfers is that it is water resistant to 50 meters and shock – resistant surface.

This evolved and functional Garmin Approach S6 will be available in the last months of this year at an estimated price of $ 400. Although its value is not less, we must recognize that professional golfers, this is a very useful clock and functions than any other gadget has shown so far.

Tips To Become A Better Golf Player

Tips To Become A Better Golf Player

Is playing golf difficult? If you have never played golf, you might think that it is difficult. It is easy to see that compared to other sports, golf is a little bit less popular. So maybe because it is more difficult than other games. If you think so, I don’t agree with you. However, even if you are a golf player, you still find that playing golf is difficult. There are a lot of reasonable reasons for it. But I think you should look at the way you play because blaming on the game. Maybe you play it wrong. So today I’m going to share with you some tips that may help you become a better golf player.

  1. Choose the best golf GPS

Garmin Approach G7 Golf GPS
Garmin Approach G7 Golf GPS

It is not the most important thing in golf to choose the best golf GPS. But it is the first tip I want to tell you because I think that a golf GPS is a special gift that technology gives to all golf players. You really can play golf much better with a golf GPS because a golf GPS help you easily determine your distance as well as direction to the hole. With the information which a golf GPS provide you, you can make a better decision when playing golf. So try to choose the best golf GPS and you will see your improvement.

  1. Proper alignment

When  I deserve people play golf, I discover that there is a mistake that most golf players make. That is they don’t align properly. Improper alignment will make it hard for you to play golf and day by day it will become a bad habit. When it has become a habit, fixing it is not easy. So pay attention to alignment when you play golf. You should access your target from right behind your ball to get the perspective of the entire hole. By doing this, you can aim exactly the place you wish the ball to go. And one thing you always have to remember to do before making your actual stance is to get the clubface set behind the ball. Then you align it at the target. It is critical and the basic tip. Don’t forget if you want to become a better golf player.

  1. Get the right club

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We all know how important it is to choose the right club. But not many of us know what the right club is. I see that many amateurs depend on the length of the club to choose which club to use. The rule is shorter clubs are for shorter holes; longer clubs are for longer holes. I don’t say the rule is wrong. It is right, but not enough. There are a lot more to consider when it comes to choosing the right club. Better players will take into consideration a lot of things such as sand, shot tendencies, hazards and so on. But one thing you should look at to choose the right club is the type of approach shot you are to follow.

Thank you for reading my article. Have a nice day and be better in golf everyday!

How to Pick the Right Golf Bags

How to Pick the Right Golf Bags

Like a lot of things in every area of your life, best golf bags can be found in different sizes, designs, colors, and features. Modern golfers have got many selections with regards to golfing bags; in fact it is difficult to find the perfect one for every golfer rather. Nevertheless, if the golfer may inquire themselves a few pre-determined questions before purchasing a golfing bag, their golfing experience will be that much better. Whenever golfing, may be the golf player likely to be transporting their driver case, rolling it in it on wheels, or driving around a cart simply?

callaway fusion golf stand bag
Callaway Fusion

When the golfer was to find the healthy choice associated with walking the course, they could consider walking driver bags. Walking bags are manufactured from lightweight materials you need to include padded band to help keep the case lighting and comfy while being transported. Although walking bags might be created from lighter material, they can hold all the golfing essentials inside nevertheless, like; tennis balls, clubs, bath towels, tees, markers, beverages and a new measuring tool even. A few of the walking bags add a tripod stand included in the walking bag even.

The tripod stand maintains the walking bag within a supported position upright, holding the bag secure from the bottom plus providing fast access towards the strolling bag for that golfer. Not merely will the walking bag save the golf player cash on hiring golfing carts, but it supplies the golfer with extra cardio exercise also, which is a good thing always.

Golf club bags will get heavy, so some golfers may decide on a pull along cart item. These pull together add-ons typically contain three tires and an area to put the particular golf cart handbag. In addition they include a deal with where to drive the bag even though nevertheless walking the particular course. Numerous old golfers love this particular kind of setup because it nevertheless enables you to stride the particular program without transporting the excess weight of the bag on your own make.

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The final kind of item bags to consider may be the cart bags. These kinds of bags are not really designed to be transported, but to become strapped to the trunk of a golfing cart or on a draw along cart accessory. Cart bags are made to hold a complete lot of accessories, with many dividers and pockets to greatly help the golfer stay organized. Cart bags are made from a far more durable also, heavier material that may handle the continuous bumps from the trunk of a golfing cart.

Certainly, golf club bags are essential to golf that makes it more very important to a new golfer to learn what exactly they are searching for in a driver bag. The correct kind of golf bag can help enhance the golfer’s pleasure of the overall game plus protect all the possessions kept of their golfing bag. Whether strolling, driving or pulling, there is an ideal golf bag available for everybody!

About the Golf Cart

About the Golf Cart

A golf cart is known as a golf buggy or car also. Only two participants can easily fit into this small automobile. The golfers round are after that taken, with their clubs on board. They then go the entire course without wasting hard work walking round. If you read the golf push cart reviews you will know a lot about it.

CaddyTek Deluxe Quad-Fold Golf Push Cart
CaddyTek Deluxe Quad-Fold

The motor cars can be found in numerous kinds and styles. In most cases, they convey a true number of two passengers, with regard to brief distances at a velocity of 15mph. They’re four feet wide approximately, eight ft lengthy and 6 feet higher. They weigh 800 pounds to 100 pounds also. Majority of them possess four stroke motors.

Their prices differ based on the numerous kinds. The particular factors are determined by the particular amounts of fleet becoming bought, for the whole course or the national country club. Whether the motor cars for sale are fresh or used, is another determinant completely. Another factor might include the equipment requirements, along with the true number of people the automobile can accommodate.

Because of the high usage of the motor cars, most the clubs are providing storage and also power options towards the cart proprietors. It has then resulted in their modification and only a specific course. The changes involve installation of windshields, golf ball cleaners, much cooler trays, velocity control and lift packages.

The initial carts were powered electrically, but they had been overtaken by gas golfing carts. The particular electrical carts had been useful for private reasons. They’re nowadays used because of their lack of noise, safety with regard to pedestrians, insufficient contaminants and also slow velocity.

Because of the increasing makes use of the carts, the amount of cart related incidents is increasing. The rate of injuries is increasing with an increased percentage each full year. There are various forms of golf carts.

Electric powered golf trolley

This kind of cart relies on an electric battery to function. It is designed in a manner that it could carry a golfer’s handbag that has night clubs along with other equipment. It really is of help because it eliminates the bustle of the participants needing to carry their tools. They might need less work in comparison to a guide drive or draw trolley.

Electric Automobile

how to choose the best golf cart

Additionally it is referred being an electric drive vehicle. It uses a number of motors to create this shift. They consist of electric vehicles, electrical trains, Lorries amongst numerous others. The heat produced by solar or even tidal power will be after that transmitted in order to the automobile through wireless energy move such as for example inducting, among others. The electricity is after that stored in the automobile using a battery or perhaps a flywheel. These kinds of carts function utilizing the theory associated with combustion, whereby it could only get the power from a couple of sources. These automobiles possess a regenerative braking program.

Golfing carts have already been utilized inside communities, by students especially, whereby it really is their own main type of transportation. In a few islands, automobiles are restricted and people opt to utilize the carts hence. They’re for brief journeys.