It is unarguable that quality of a fastpitch softball bat crucially depends on innovations and advanced technologies that manufacturers put in the bats. Therefore, most of best fastpitch softball bats in the market belong to top manufacturers who have experience and ability to invest huge amount of money on research and developing new technologies. Checking out top fastpitch softball bat manufacturers would help you to have better idea of which bat brands are suitable to you.


DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bat

DeMarini CF8 Fastpitch Softball Bat

DeMarini is an U.S based bat manufacturers and is owned by Wilson Sporting Goods. Founded in 1989 by Ray DeMarini, DeMarini was shot to fame thanks to the introduction of double-wall bats which could significantly increase bat’s power. Nowadays, DeMarini is considered top bat maker in the world and also the most popular brand. DeMarini bats are well-known for strong hitting power and outstanding features. There is a team of engineers in DeMarini who are in charge of designing, developing and testing products. Therefore, every year, DeMarini comes out with new innovations in their bats. It’s not surprised that DeMarini is choice of many top softball players. […]

8 Nov / 2016

Softball Pitcher Tips

Softball Pitching Injuries

Softball is a sport played by competitor high school and college female athletes across the country. Although similar to baseball, softball has different shades of rules, particularly regarding pitching with softball glove. Softball pitchers use a rotating arm windmill to fastpitch abuse. While pain is normal in any sport, excessive use of weapons of launchers can result in severe damage. Recent medical studies suggest that this technique pitch can cause symptoms similar to those experienced by baseball pitchers injuries.

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Rotator cuff injuries

They have the upper arm bone in place in the shoulder socket and install it on your shoulder blade. Because the shoulder joint ball and socket, this area of the body have a broad range of movement exhibited by softball pitchers in the field of Classic windmill. Overuse and repetitive head movement can cause tension in these muscles and tendons that cause irritation, inflammation (tendinitis) or muscle tears. Depending on the severity of the injury, the damage can be corrected with physical therapy, steroid injections or invasive surgery. Softball pitcher injuries in the rotator cuff can be prevented by allowing pitchers rest between parties and ensure proper posture pitching.

Wrist and elbow injuries

Throw breaking pitches can cause wrist injuries. Throw a breaking ball by snapping the wrist can cause sprained wrist, and repetition can even cause wrist tendinitis. Young players are especially vulnerable to such injuries, as their bones and muscles are not strong enough to throw breaking pitches. The constant practice of skill that is not yet able to do so can result in poor mechanical or break your elbow instead of the wrist to allow sufficient force. This wrong move, although production results may cause injury.

Back Injury

Bend at the waist during the release of a field can result in lower back injury. Par This bending places in the back, which can tighten the muscles of the lower back. Improper hip rotation can also result in the hip and back injury. Pitching proper posture along with basic muscle strength exercises and warm-up exercises can help limit this type of damage.

Softball Glove Softeners Techniques

Tips on How to Play Shortstop in Softball

Buying a new softball glove can be very exciting. For many fans softball, feel and smell of new leather are such an important part of spring as blooming flowers and birdsong. But what good is a nice, new glove if you are not able to use it properly? Check out how to turn that luxury leather into something that will serve you well for this season softball and much more to come. […]