16 Jan / 2017

The Hammock, To Relax This Summer

Genuine support for relaxation and well-being, the hammock reserves a unique comfort in the shade or in the sun. Privileged by a holiday atmosphere, it offers an exotic escape while lying in an absolute comfort, and rocked by the wind in mute. Its ease of transport to be easy to take on holiday or simply to rest above the colours of the garden makes it an inseparable companion for those who have already adopted it. For those who are now convinced of the benefits of the hammock, the following few lines will serve as a guide to purchase and use.

camping hammock

Which hammock to choose better to enjoy the summer pleasures?

The hammock is an unusual furniture that is located on the border of holidays and everyday life. Indeed, many people have already installed it in their gardens, while others reserve it for the holidays. Nevertheless, know that you can enjoy the relaxing comfort offered by your hammock in your house, on your terrace or in your garden, by a lake or a beach, and even in an Amazon forest. The important thing is to choose the right model for you.

Indeed, there are many models, depending on the category, the choice of the fabric, but also according to the style. In the first place, it is to be known that hammocks are divided into two main families, traditional hammocks, as seen in pirate films, and bar hammocks. The main difference between the latter is oscillation. Indeed, the hammock with bars is more easily balanced because of a distribution of the weight towards the extremities. It is also devoid of shade, unlike string models.

In all cases, the important thing is that you are at ease. For this, it is the size of the hammock, its width, which will count the most. Indeed, it is often necessary to lie there diagonally. Thus, if you have a size of around 1.70 m, prefer a width of at least 1.40 m. For those measuring 1.85m, it is more comfortable to choose widths greater than 1.60m, while those with a larger size will choose widths greater than 1.70m. To facilitate the use of the hammock, many models of supports come in wood or metal. The choice must above all be made according to the length of the hammock, to enjoy maximum comfort and stability.

How to choose the fabric of your hammock?

In case you prefer the string hammock, it is recommended to choose the model that offers the most strings possible, to gain in comfort. With the mesh hammock, this model is advised to enjoy a certain freshness. Moreover, it is difficult to tear, if at all. Nevertheless, it is advisable to protect it from the weather, especially from the rain. You can also choose very resistant cotton canvas models, which also offer a good shelter against the wind. The nylon and polyester models are ideal for intensive outdoor use. For fans of hiking, it is recommended to opt for light models. Among other things, the parachutist hammock is distinguished by its great lightness and can weigh less than 600 g. For couples, you have very durable canvas models, like the Barbados Natura, or cotton and polyester, which offer a wide width. Many other models are available, including quilted models that consist of a layer of foam wrapped between two layers of fabric. The designs allow to satisfy all tastes, in solid colours or with Mayan, Brazilian or Nicaraguan motifs. The hammocks come with a kit of wall hooks or a set of ropes.

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