18 Feb / 2017

The Materials Used To Make The Head Golf Club

When it comes to choosing golf equipment, you will always be confused with a variety of equipment available in the market. It is equipped with a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. The decision to choose equipment plays a very important role as will directly affect the game of golf. The race for more distance off the tee has spawned manufacturers using different materials in the club head. Traditional forest is still used today and is popular among many golfers.

Now the club head is made by materials such as titanium, graphite, ceramics, and plastics. The most popular club that is used is made of steel. Because these materials differ in weight, changes were also made to the design of the club head so that there is proper weight distribution. When choosing beginner golf clubs in the market, you might be interested in the clubs made by new materials, but sometimes traditional wood may be the right choice for you. Because it’s always good to have an open mind when choosing a new club. Let us look at each of the ingredients of the club head is in the details.



Titanium shafts are in the market for some time, but new producers began to use it to the club head. Although it is lighter than steel, but provide the same strength of steel and therefore the head can be increased more to provide a larger hitting area. You will find most of this material in size driver. It offers a large club head speed and expensive compared with steel club head.


This head provides the advantages of a metal head. You will find most of these clubs are lightweight and sized driver. The maximum speed of the club head is generated when the head of graphite combined with a light shaft. The impact of the ball bouncing back from the head of graphite which helps in the shot again with minimal effort. Similar to titanium clubs, it is also lighter. This problem is solved by creating a larger head size compared to traditional ones. This is the club’s most expensive and hence not a perfect option for the average golfer.


In the early eighties many companies experiment with hi-tech plastics at the head of their clubs but to no avail. Again comes into the picture when John Daly won the PGA tournament in 1991 using one of these.


Only a few companies have developed ceramic-headed woods. The main reason behind it is that not many golfers have shown interest in it. But it is assumed that the flowers will slowly increase as the same material used for golf shoe spikes that last a very long time. Another perception among golfers is that it does not bear the pressure head hit a golf ball, but ceramic substances is one of the most difficult and also used to manufacture some car engines.

When purchasing a set of irons, golfers are always looking for a club that offers playback and control. Graphite and titanium metal is not used by golfers because they are very light for that purpose and that is very expensive compared to steel. The most popular iron is made by steel.

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