When it comes to choosing golf equipment, you will always be confused with a variety of equipment available in the market. It is equipped with a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. The decision to choose equipment plays a very important role as will directly affect the game of golf. The race for more distance off the tee has spawned manufacturers using different materials in the club head. Traditional forest is still used today and is popular among many golfers.

Now the club head is made by materials such as titanium, graphite, ceramics, and plastics. The most popular club that is used is made of steel. Because these materials differ in weight, changes were also made to the design of the club head so that there is proper weight distribution. When choosing beginner golf clubs in the market, you might be interested in the clubs made by new materials, but sometimes traditional wood may be the right choice for you. Because it’s always good to have an open mind when choosing a new club. Let us look at each of the ingredients of the club head is in the details.



Titanium shafts are in the market for some time, but new producers began to use it to the club head. Although it is lighter than steel, but provide the same strength of steel and therefore the head can be increased more to provide a larger hitting area. You will find most of this material in size driver. It offers a large club head speed and expensive compared with steel club head. […]

Golf is a kind of game that can be practiced from the youngest age (5-6 years) and can be practiced until a very advanced age. It is played all over the world and in all time. It is open to all whatever its morphology, physical condition and talent. It is a difficult game that can be very frustrating and rewarding, and no club in the bag can cause a mixture of emotions, from frustration to joy as the golf driver. Mastering the golf driver is very difficult to do. You have to spend hours and hours to perfect your swing and work to get your muscle memory to remember the sequence of balance. Once you start with Golf and succeed your first master stroke (approach back, very long putt), you will instantly understand why you will never pose again your clubs. Once you get down, but the feelings are good as hitting a line in the unity of the street.

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Analyse your swing with a professional if you have not already. It is very difficult to improve the course and master the golf swing without having to learn a person or PGA professional certificate can help you identify what you are doing wrong. After realizing how to swing correctly, you can work on controlling the oscillation of the golf driver. […]

Health Benefits From Playing Golf

Contributed by Brian Jame in lasergolfrangefinder.com

If you play golf, do you see that your health is improved? If you do not play golf, you should think about it because golf can help improve our health just as much as other types of sports. So I will tell you about the health benefits of playing golf. Sometimes when you feel that playing golf is a little bit boring, you need something to keep up with your passion. Reading this article will make you feel that playing golf can help you much more that you often think it can. It is not just a sport you play to kill time or to foster relationships with your business partner to achieve a big contract. It is a true sport. Understanding the advantages of playing golf can help you enjoy the game better.

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Let’s get started with the first health benefit of playing golf. If you have never player golf and just stand out looking at people playing golf, you may not believe that playing golf can help us burn a lot of calories. The golf area often covers about 200 acres, which means you will have chance to walk a lot. It is estimated that golfers walks an average distance of six to eight kilometers. Walking that much is enough to help you burn up to more than 1000 calories. Unbelievable? Burning 1000 calories in just a single game? Yeah, it is unbelievable but you should believe it because it is the truth. You can have a great body if you make friends with this wonderful sport. Oh you may not agree with me because you see a lot of old men who play golf have pot-belly. I do not know but if they do not play golf, they can even have a much bigger belly. […]

All The Golf Course On A Clock! Do You Know The New Watch Garmin Approach S5 and S6?

These days Golf enthusiasts and fans of the Garmin teams are celebrating the arrival of a new watch, the Approach S5, S6 which come with a full-color touch screen distances, distribution and exact forms of an entire hole. All the information you need to make a difference in the wrist.

Garmin Approach S5

Garmin Approach S5

Garmin Approach S5

This advanced functionality to display the field is called CourseView. But it is only one of the revolutions of the Approach watches golf.

In a thin and light clock, perfect to wear every day, there are more than 39,000 courses worldwide, preloaded and available without subscribing or install anything. Also, all updates of the fields can be downloaded free, with no time limit.

Put on Approach S5 and improve your handicap

Its functions are ideal for carrying your handicap to the next level:

  • With the ‘Green View’ you have the real picture of the field in which you’re playing.
  • The touch screen is not only full color but also readable in any light condition and usable with gloves.
  • You can perform manual flag location anywhere on the field
  • Ready for use in competition, and which dispenses training functions

Critical information, also present

There are details that can never be lacking in golf equipment. Therefore the clock Approach S5 also includes the distance at the beginning, middle and end of the greens. It measures the distance covered in each stroke and includes an odometer that allows the player to control the total distance walks during the tour.

Comprehensive monitoring of your progress

Through a digital scorecard, you can count your back and download, save or print all your scorecards. So you can know at what point you are and trace your next targets.

And there’s more: alert notifications!

As if that were not enough, and extending the maximum use of the new team Garmin, Approach S5 allows you to open your emails, text messages and receive “smart notifications” from your smartphone! And if active Garmin Connect, enjoy a community passionate about golf where data sharing after the game, download routes, compared with previous ones, etc. […]

Tips To Become A Better Golf Player

Is playing golf difficult? If you have never played golf, you might think that it is difficult. It is easy to see that compared to other sports, golf is a little bit less popular. So maybe because it is more difficult than other games. If you think so, I don’t agree with you. However, even if you are a golf player, you still find that playing golf is difficult. There are a lot of reasonable reasons for it. But I think you should look at the way you play because blaming on the game. Maybe you play it wrong. So today I’m going to share with you some tips that may help you become a better golf player.

  1. Choose the best golf GPS

Garmin Approach G7 Golf GPS

Garmin Approach G7 Golf GPS

It is not the most important thing in golf to choose the best golf GPS. But it is the first tip I want to tell you because I think that a golf GPS is a special gift that technology gives to all golf players. You really can play golf much better with a golf GPS because a golf GPS help you easily determine your distance as well as direction to the hole. With the information which a golf GPS provide you, you can make a better decision when playing golf. So try to choose the best golf GPS and you will see your improvement. […]